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Attention: Teachers of Grades 4-5-6-7-8-9; Principals; Supervisors; Directors;

We are extremely excited and proud to present 78 outstanding individual student projects for teaching Social Studies, Science, Economics, Penmanship, Religion, Health, Art History, Creative Writing, and Conflict Resolution. All are guaranteed to greatly improve reading skills while teaching content materials.

We can summarize by saying that (1) These 17" x 22" projects are marketed in classroom sets of 35 Student Copies, to accomodate larger class size. Each student, using colored pencils, completes his/her own personal colorful, beautiful and permanent project that may be laminated and kept forever; (2) Most projects are written on a 5th grade reading level, with a maturity level that extends from grades 4 through 9; Because of excellent content material, and high interest levels, projects are not only wonderfully appropriate for Intermediate Grades and Middle School students, they are perfect for "English As A Second Language" Students, and older students who need to improve reading skills; (3) Every set of projects has an accompanying Teacher’s Guide that instructs teachers how to teach materials as reading lessons with vocabulary and comprehension development; (4) All sets include two to ten Sheets For Duplication For Expanded Activities and Learning. Projects may be expanded as far as creativity, imagination, and time allows. You will see your students improve in achieving all State and National Standards. School House has continued to grow since our establishment in 1980.


  1. All Projects are guaranteed to improve reading skills in all areas as well as learning in the particular areas of study!

  2. You can use the projects as the centerpieces of your teaching. They can be further enriched by using parts of textbooks that aren't outdated, as well as other printed materials. Many suggestions for enrichment activities are made for each area of study!

  3. Most of your research and work is done for you!! WOW! What a time saver!

  4. Students absolutely love these "Hands-On" materials! They are motivated to learn! Projects become part of
    each student, and each student becomes part of his/her project!
    "Hands-On" learning is absolutely the best way to learn.

  5. Parents are thrilled to see their children’s increased reading skills and beautiful completed studies!

  6. Projects cost only $34.95 per set through 2015. This is a terrific value at only $1.00 per pupil. When ordering three or more projects, SHIPPING IS FREE. A $5.00 shipping fee is added when you order just one project, and a $10.00 shipping fee is added when you order just two projects. The good news is that all materials are now shipped UPS Tracked Mail. Any orders shipped to Alaska or Hawaii will ship USPS. This is still a great value at only $1.15 per pupil. The price of one classroom set is less than the cost of one textbook. Don't let the low price fool you. These are WIN! WIN! WIN! materials.

Try Them! We are positive you, your students, and their parents will be completely pleased and delighted!
We look forward to your order.

Sincerely, School House Global Enterprises

P.S. For a complete catalog, go to, mail, email or fax your order.
For questions, call 301-292-1370

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It was written for anyone that likes to travel, and has ever been in love! We have a whole page devoted to telling you all about it. It will touch your heart in many ways, many times.

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