All Science Projects are written on a fifth grade reading level. They are appropriate for Grades 5 through 9.
All sets include
35 Student Proiects (17" x 22") - Teacher's Guide - Sheets For Duplication - and
One set $5.00 additional, Two sets $10.00 additional)

Solar System and Universe Projects summarize information about the Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy. Students learn about Planets, Stars, the Sun, Comets, Meteors, Meteorites, Light Travel, Star Color, Star Magnitude, Black Holes, Galaxies, and Quasars. A Constellation Star Map and Sheet of Constellation Legends are included. Projects are constantly updated to include major new discoveries, including changed status of Pluto. Special sheets included on Pathfinder and Sojourner’s mission to Planet Mars, as well as NASA’s space mission plans through year 2025. Six new sheets of information on Hubble; Other Space Telescopes; Stars; Other Solar Systems; and Saturn and Cassini Spacecraft exploration have been added.

Magnetism and Electricity Projects teach how magnetism and electricity are interrelated. Students learn about natural, man-made, temporary, and permanent magnets. They gain knowledge about current and static electricity, cells, batteries, generators, transformers, and circuits.

Simple Machine Projects summarize information about the world’s six simple machines – the lever, wedge, incline plane, screw, pulley, and wheel and axle. Students also learn about the history and uses of different kinds of wheels. They learn how complex machines are combinations of simple machines.

Energy – Heat, Light, and Sound Projects teach about energy forms, sources, and uses. Students will engage in many activities that demonstrate concepts presented. Included are directions for splitting and creating white light; telling time with sundials; making periscopes; understanding lenses; making musical instruments; using the power of water and wind; understanding how speech occurs; and comparing Celsius and Fahrenheit scales. Now included New Sources of Energy and Energy Conservation.

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