All Science and Health Projects are written on a fifth grade reading level. They are appropriate for Grades 5 through 9.
All sets include
35 Student Proiects (17" x 22") - Teacher's Guide - Sheets For Duplication - and
One set $5.00 additional, Two sets $10.00 additional)

Science and Health

Wonders Of The Human Body Projects give information about cells, tissues, and organs. Students learn how these structures form body systems. Eight body systems are pictured and explained. The six basic food groups, and how they enhance the body, are presented in new Food Pyramid guideline. The basics of weight management are taught. Sheets for duplication on DNA and immune system are included.

Discovery and Invention Projects teach students the differences between discovery, invention, and innovation. Students learn about major inventions from prehistoric times to the present. Knowledge is gained about simple machines, early writing, and writing materials. Activities include reproducing selected inventions of the Middle Ages and Industrial Revolution. Students learn about the modern invention of flight, and participate in flight experiments.

Tropical Rain Forests Projects teach students about the locations, structure, and conditions that create Earth’s Tropical Rain Forests. They will learn about wildlife as well as people native to these regions. Highlighted are the Maya of Mexico and Central America. Students will learn about the importance of Rain Forests, and how they are being destroyed. Included also is an overview of other types of world forests.

World’s Endangered Wildlife teaches how wildlife can become threatened, endangered, and extinct. Students learn the locations and composition of Earth’s major natural regions and why certain of their species have become endangered. Information to enhance appreciation for protecting wildlife is presented.World conservation programs and preserves are described..

Environmental Projects enhance students’ knowledge of environmental problems and how we can work together to lessen them. The Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Destruction, Global Warming, Food Chains, and Air, Water, Solid Waste, Noise, and Acid Rain Pollution are addressed. Recipes for Non Toxic “Green” Cleaning Solutions and Personal Products are included.

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