How would you like to have a total class project guaranteed to make the teaching of your State super successful? Our State Maps For Students will do just that! They are outstanding complements to your State Studies Program. State maps have been updated for the twenty-first century.

Each child will enjoy creating a beautiful 17" x 22" personal map that reflects major concepts about their State’s history, geography, wildlife, and symbols. Maps can be expanded as far as individual imagination allows. To date, hundreds of thousands have been sold, and parents have been delighted to have these permanent and suitable-for-lamination keepsakes of their children’s work.

The map’s reverse side contains interesting and informative text written on a fourth grade reading level. Maturity level is grades 4 through 8. The Teacher’s Guide gives full and simple instructions for presentation through four directed reading lessons. Follow-up activities serve as springboards for expanded learning and appreciation of your State. In addition to
35 Student Maps and Teacher’s Guide, a Wildlife Identification Sheet, suitable for duplication, is included. All State Projects have a state-appropriate second or third sheet of information and activities for duplication.

One last important point, State Maps For Students, as well as all of our Projects, are very inexpensive! One set of 35 Students Projects, accompanying Teacher’s Guide and Sheets for Duplication costs only $39.95 with FREE USPS TRACKED SHIPPING FOR THREE OR MORE SETS!! (One set $5.00 additional, Two sets $10.00 additional) Try them – we are positive that you, your students, and their parents will be totally pleased!

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