United States History-Geography Maps are written on a fifth grade reading level.

They are appropriate for Grades 5 through 9. All sets include 35 Student Proiects (17" x 22")
Teacher's Guide
- Sheets For Duplication
FOR THREE OR MORE SETS – $39.95 set! (One set $5.00 additional, Two sets $10.00 additional)

United States History Maps summarize U.S. History and highlight Places of Interest to Visit; State Capitals; Year of Statehood; Presidents; National Symbols; Rivers; National Parks; Early Native American Groups; U.S. Wildlife; National Anthem; and U.S. Expansion since 1781. Results have thrilled students, teachers, and parents. New Sheets on U.S. Territories and Commonwealths including Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, and Mariana Islands. Four new sheets have been added about our 49th and 50th states — Alaska and Hawaii .
Colonial America Proiects teach students how America's thirteen colonies began, as well as earlier unsuccessful attempts to colonize. Students will learn about colonial life and government in the 17th and 18th centuries. They will learn about craftsmen, indentured servants, tenant farmers, slaves, and the gentry. They will also learn about colonial children- their education, work, toys, and games. Colonial America Projects have ten extra sheets of activities and information for duplication. Included are The Mayflower Compact; Directions and Pattern for making a Hornbook; and a Matching Activity of Craftspeople. The project ends with information about the French and Indian War, and events that led to The American Revolution.
American Revolution Projects teach about events that led to the American Revolution. Actions taken by the First and Second Continental Congresses; Minutemen; Colonial Militia; and The Continental Army. A time-line and overview of War’s major events is presented. Students will learn about Medicine in Revolutionary times, and will read Longfellow’s poem Paul Revere’s Ride.
Civil War Projects teach students about events that led to this terrible time in America’s history. An overview of battles from 1861 to 1865 is presented. Students will learn about Union and Confederate leaders; Abolitionists; the Underground Railroad; the Emancipation Proclamation; and the Gettysburg Address. Ten extra Sheets of Activities including The Escape of John Wilkes Booth are included.

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