World Proiects are written on a fifth grade reading level. They are appropriate for Grades 5 through 9.
All sets include
35 Student Proiects (17" x 22") - Teacher's Guide - Sheets For Duplication - and
(One set $5.00 additional, Two sets $10.00 additional)

World Map Projects are a wonderful overview of world geography and countries. Students gain understanding of the differences between continents and countries, as well as basic land and water terms. Students create beautiful physical World Maps surrounded by flags of 22 U.N. countries. World Maps display the Robinson Projection. This modern map of our world on a flat surface more accurately depicts land and water shapes. Two sheets on the United Nations have been added.
Globes, Maps, and Atlases thoroughly teaches the history of cartography. Students gain understanding of Earth’s representation on different types of maps and globes. Concepts of latitude, longitude, world time zones, map legends, scales, grids, and indexes are developed. Students work with reference, mobility, thematic, and inventory maps. A Glossary of Geographic Terms is included.
Regions Maps provide an overview of the world’s regions, climates, and plant and animal life. Students learn about key phenomena that combine to create regions – climate, temperature, latitude, precipitation, air pressure, and wind patterns. Eight world regions are described along with their plant and animal life. Major geographic terms and concepts are developed.
Arctic and Antarctic Projects explore the world’s coldest regions. Students will understand why these regions are so cold, and why in some seasons they experience constant daylight or total darkness. Students will learn about early explorers who ventured into these regions. They will gain knowledge of Arctic’s Inuit People, as well as present day life in these frigid parts of the world.

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