World Projects are written on a fifth grade reading level. They are appropriate for Grades 5 through 9.
All sets include
35 Student Proiects (17" x 22") - Teacher's Guide - Sheets For Duplication - and
(One set $5.00 additional, Two sets $10.00 additional)

Africa Map Projects contain an overview of Africa’s early history. Students learn how nearly all of Africa became European colonies, and how these colonies later became independent countries. South Africa’s apartheid; the problems it caused; and its dissolution are addressed. Recent problems are also discussed. Students will learn about major groups of Africa’s people, as well as its climate, animals, and legends. Special recipes for a “food tasting party” are included.

Europe Map Projects summarize European history from Ancient Greece through World War II, as well as events in countries that declared their independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Yugoslavian conflicts in the late 1900s are also included. Students gain an overview of Europe’s different cultures, bordering waters, major mountain chains, rivers, and land regions.

Asia Map Projects depict political boundaries and land elevation. Students learn names and locations of Asia’s 49 independent countries as they create physical maps of the continent. Glimpses of life in each of the six land areas are presented. All the world’s religions began in Asia. Summary information about each is included as part of Asian culture. Special sheets on the History of Hong Kong, Afghanistan, and Indian Folk Tales are included.

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